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AFASE at school provides special education advocacy and
consulting services to parents and guardians whose  children
are challenged by autism and other developmental disabilities.
We develop our clients into informed, proactive advocates for
their children's educational needs. They are empowered by
current, customized information that enables them to articulate
their children's needs to school board administrators in a way
that is both assertive and collaborative.
Nearly $6 Million Being Invested In New
Autism Initiatives To Help Students
TORONTO, May 17  - The McGuinty
government is improving the learning
environment for students with autism
spectrum disorders by directing all
school boards to provide Applied
Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Education
Minister Kathleen Wynne announced today.

TORONTO, Aug. 27 /CNW/ - The McGuinty
parents to play an active role in their
children's education by creating a
Provincial Parent Board and funding
parent involvement grants, Education
Minister Kathleen Wynne announced

TORONTO, May 17 /CNW/ - The McGuinty
government is improving the learning
environment for students with autism
spectrum disorders by directing all
school boards to provide Applied
Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Education
Kathleen Wynne announced today..

TORONTO, Feb. 23 /CNW/ - The McGuinty
government is implementing
additional special education reforms to
expand the supports for students with
autism spectrum disorders, Education
Minister Kathleen Wynne and Children and
Youth Services Minister Mary Anne
Chambers said today following receipt of
final report of the Autism Spectrum
Disorders Reference Group..

TORONTO, June 8 /CNW/ - The McGuinty
government is streamlining the way
special education programs are delivered
and changing evaluation methods to
improve outcomes for the students who
deserve our greatest attention,
Education Minister Sandra Pupatello said

(December 1, 2005 ) - TORONTO -The
Ontario government's new Parent
Involvement Policy will soon make it easier
for all parents to participate
in their child's education and future
success, Minister of Education Gerard
Kennedy today announced...

(November 16, 2005) Toronto – The
Ontario Human Rights Commission and the
Toronto District School Board have
reached an important settlement following
a Commission-initiated complaint against
the Board in July 2005.  The settlement
deals with the application of safe school
provisions of the province’s Education Act
as well as its regulations and related TDSB
policy and the disproportional impact on
racialized students and students with

WRIGHTSLAW: 2005 Federal Judge
Approves Record $6.7 Million Settlement
in Porter v. Manhattan Beach Unified
School District, et. al....

Education for All (2005)
The Report of the Expert Panel on Literacy
and Numeracy Instruction for Students
With Special Education Needs,
Kindergarten to Grade 6 (2005)....

The Globe and Mail
Friday, Feb. 4, 2005
Autism therapy vital, Ontario judge rules
An Ontario judge has ordered the Province
to pay for pricey autism treatments for
three children with the neurological
developmental disorder. This decision
contrasts one made by the Supreme Court
of Canada last year.....

TORONTO, Nov. 6, 2004 /CNW/ - The
McGuinty government will give parents a
stronger voice on education issues at the
provincial level, Minister of
Education Gerard Kennedy announced

(August 4, 2004)  Review of Growth in
Claims for Students with Severe Special
Needs ...

TORONTO, July 28, 2004 /CNW/ -
Education Minister Gerard Kennedy today
announced $100 million in new special
education funding and measures to ensure
that every dollar will reach the students
who need it...

News Release
(May 26, 2004) - The McGuinty
government is investing an additional $854
million in funding for public education next
school year as part of its plan to ensure
success for students...

(May 26, 2004) - Once each year the
provincial government makes a statement
of its grants to the 72 school boards for the
following school year through its "funding
formula".  This occasion matters greatly to
Ontario's 2 million students because these
grants are virtually the only source of
funds boards have to pay for the staff and
resources needed for schools...

(May 26, 2004) - The following tables
contain board-by-board projections of the
education funding grant allocations and
other related information for the 2004-05
school year. These projections have been
prepared by the Ministry of Education and
are based on enrolment data provided by
school boards. The enrolment data has
been applied to the education funding
regulations that will be in effect for the
2004-05 school year...
An Overview of Educational Services for
Children with Autism
The percentage of preschoolers with autism is more than double
that of students in primary grades and at least quadruple that of
students in secondary grades, a clear indication that younger
children are being diagnosed in increasing numbers.  

Affected children will need ever-increasing medical, bio-medical,
dietary, and educational interventions. Their ultimate outcome will
depend on early and better diagnosis, overall health management,
intense therapy, and superior special education.

Educators will tell you that there is limited funding for educational
services for children with autism, however this is debatable. Many
advocates believe that the issue is
ineffective use of funds rather
insufficient funds. In addition, educators are not
knowledgeable or have not ‘bought into’ the research-based
teaching techniques and behaviour principles which most autistic
children need in order to reach their full potential. This is in spite of
PPM 140 (issued in May 2007) that mandates the implementation
of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) for students with Autism
Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Because of the perceived limited funding, only the parents who are
the best advocates will get the necessary services and programs
for their children. Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder
and each child’s needs are extremely diverse. Parents need to
educate the educators on how best to teach their individual child
(ren). Unfortunately many parents don’t have the time, the
knowledge, or the skills necessary to navigate the special
education system and be effective advocates.

Advocating for your child can be an emotional and frustrating
experience. As a parent of an autistic child, I know what other
parents go through and I can help them in many ways by offering
my services as a Special Education Advocate.
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